Our History

    DUSALBA, C.A., is a Venezuelan company, founded in 1981 when a group of professionals of the electric sector which were aware about the importance of budget and existence of electric materials in any project, decided to establish a organization able to provide and technically support to any client in the right choice, use and installment of the electric materials and equipments. This motivation which gave as a result our company, keeps today as our principal goal and it a known subject in the electric sector.

Galeria dusalba caracas venezuela 21

    Our service includes all stages of supply, we're in capacity to import with our resources, manage customs, storage and transport to wherever the client requires the products

    To our work staff, the most important is to fulfill the client expectations with the supply, and that's why we provide an efficient service, based in these concrete actions:

  • Product adaptation to the technical requirements of the client.
  • Time deliver fulfillment
  • Answer all technical request about the products we sell.
  • Offer security in the transport and deliver, to guarrantee the physical integrity of our products.